11 May 2012, 11:31.


15th & 16th SEPTEMBER

LOCATION: Sir Matt Busby Sport Complex, Main Street, Bellshill, Scotland, ML4 3DP



  •  which now includes qualification for 12-14 year age group as well as a 15 year and over age group. 

16th September BRSA Training Day 10am until 2pm ran by the BRSA

Registration and entry fees for this event need to be with Sue Dale, Secretary, 39 Riverside, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7SD, NO LATER THAN August 10th 2012.

BRSA Masters entry form 2012 NOVICE

BRSA Masters entry form 2012 NATIONAL

The European Masters will be held in Guimaraes North Portugal the first weekend in November. Deadline Registration for this event  will be 15th September so please be aware that if you do qualify for the EM and wish to participate you will need to make full payment to the BRSA that day. (15th September)

The BRSA will secure places with a deposit to the EM which is due August 1st, these deposits will be added onto your final registration payment on 15th September.

For information on the event you can click on the link below

Please read carefully and decide what package you would like to take if you qualify, before the 15th September.

If you are competing in the British Masters but do not wish to compete in the EM if you qualify, again please let me know on your registration form for the British Masters.

The BRSA is very grateful to Jumping Jacks Skipping Club who will be hosting the British Masters on our behalf.