Well Done The Bouncers!

20 August 2013, 13:12.

Harry, Sam, Tiffany and Georgia from the Bouncers Skipping Club travelled to Aalborg, Denmark for the European Rope Skipping Championships representing Team UK.

 The team competition was held on Saturday 27th July where they placed 7th overall in the European Championships 15+ Open Team category. They also came 0.5 skips away from a bronze medal in the Single Rope and Double Under speed relay, but did achieve a bronze medal in the 2×60 Double Dutch Speed discipline which the team was very happy with.

 The masters competition was held the day after, Sunday 28th July, all 4 of the British skippers jumped in each event; 30 seconds speed, 3 minutes speed and an individual freestyle routine. Tiffany placed 22nd overall in the female masters and Georgia placed 20th. In the male masters, Harry placed 13th overall. Unfortunately, Sam was ill on the day but was very determined and managed to continue and complete the competition, he placed 15th overall.

 After the competition, most of the competitors from around Europe took a day trip to Fårup Sommerland, all the skippers did a demo for the other guests at the park and the team had a lot of fun!

 Following this, there was a day camp for the skippers and Harry was asked to be part of the staff at this event. He really enjoyed sharing his skills to other people from around Europe and giving back to the sport. Sam, Tiff and Georgia also learnt a lot from other staff members and will hopefully be able to pass on the tricks throughout skippers in the UK to help the sport grow in this country.

 More information from the competition can be found at: http://www.erso.info/index.php?page=ec2013