World Jump Rope Results – JRUK

15 August 2014, 12:22.

30second speed-
Stacie Pegg – 89 (senior 17 & younger) placed 4th
Gemma McGhee – 87 (senior 23-29) placed 1st (GOLD)

3minute speed-
Lauren Shepherd – 446.5 (senior 17 & younger) placed 1st (GOLD) new british record!!!!
Gemma McGhee – 409 (senior 23-29) placed 1st (GOLD)

Pairs Double Unders-
Gemma McGhee & Claire Murray – 155 (senior 23-29) placed 3rd (BRONZE)
Lauren Shepherd & Stacie Pegg – 155 (senior 17 & younger) placed 5th.

4 x 30second speed relay-
Lauren Shepherd, Stacie Pegg, Chloe Greaves & Elly Allum – 320 (senior 17 & younger) placed 3rd (BRONZE)

Pairs Wheel Freestyle-
Chloe Greaves & Elly Allum – scored 5.3 (senior 17 & younger) placed 3rd (BRONZE)

4person single rope freestyle-
Lauren Shepherd, Stacie Pegg, Chloe Greaves & Elly Allum – scored 5.67 (senior 17 & younger) placed 1st (GOLD)

Finally….. the events they have qualified for Saturdays main event The Grand Finals…the top ones in all age groups from the past few days put together to determine the best and the World Jump Rope Champions 2014:

30second speed:
Stacie Pegg Qualified in 7th
Gemma McGhee Qualified in 10th

3minute speed:
Lauren Shepherd Qualified in 2nd

4×30 second speed relay:
Lauren,Stacie,Chloe & Elly Qualified in 5th

4 person single rope freestyle:
Lauren,Stacie,Chloe & Elly Qualified in 2nd


Following the results of the qualifiers all scores from all age groups are calculated and the top teams qualify to take part in the Grand Finals. The girls qualified in the following events and these are their placings in the Grand Final.

30-second speed: Stacie Pegg (90, bronze trophy); Gemma McGhee 8th.

4×30-second speed relay – Lauren Shepherd, Stacie Pegg, Elly Allum, Chloe Greaves (347.5, silver trophy) – missing out on the World Jump Rope record by half a point.

3-minute speed: Lauren Shepherd (450, silver trophy) – setting another British record.

4-person team freestyle: Lauren Shepherd, Stacie Pegg, Elly Allum, Chloe Greaves 6th.

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